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NC Winery #16: Sweet Home Carolina Vineyards & Winery

The other weekend we got to visit Sweet Home Carolina Vineyards and Winery, and were excited to hear about a very new winery!

We walk in to live music playing, and a bird singing along.  The music was great, and we caught ourselves singing along while tasting the wine.  The place was busy, as there was some tour (that we missed out on) passing through, we may still be a bit bitter.

Sadly, beyond that, I'm not sure we had a memorable time here (we didn't get to hold the bird! Granted we didn't ask).  We may have been coming from too much of an uplift on the previous winery, but we left feeling like we missed the greatness.

The People: 2 - We didn't really feel a connection with our Wine Spirit Guide and just went through the wines, robot style.

The Place: 3 - The building is cool in that it is right off a "main" road (you are in the country roads of NC), but as soon as you step out the back door, you are overlooking a valley of vines.  Would be a beautiful place for a picnic.

The WINE: 2 - There wasn't really anything that tickled our fancy, but you may have more luck if you are a sweet wine drinker.

From subsequent emails, it looks like this winery is a happening place with a lot of concerts and events.  We will have to revisit this one at some point to try again.  

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