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NC Winery #19: Hutton Vineyards

This post has been troubling me to write.  How do you properly sum up the fact that in the course of one winery your dream is validated?

Let me back up.  As we pulled into Hutton Vineyards we traversed down a gravel driveway, around some buildings, and found what we hoped or rather made for ourselves - a parking spot.  We get out nervously and walk into this building and promptly down to the basement.  We give each other wary looks and pull up a seat at the tasting bar.

As we are sitting there, a bit awkwardly, a lady walks in that looks legit. #toolegittoquit  She has notebooks, asks for the owner (in the nicest way possible), and even turns down their music so she can hear.  We thought to ourselves, while giving each other a wink, we must meet this lady.

We get started with our tasting, with our new best friend (even if she didn't know it yet).  Turns out this lady was part of a club, if you will, in the area for wine people. We got to hear about what all she does, and she loved the ideas for WineMouths.  There is nothing like having a stranger believe in your goal with you.  To top it all off, we got invited, like with a physical piece of paper, to join this club.  Yes, please.

The people: 3 - Our wine spirit guide was full of knowledge and also worked with the grapes.  We left after having good conversations and with a giant smile on our face.  What goes better with wine than some good people and chatter?

The place: 3 The tasting room is small and there are no picnic areas (that we found), but we surprisingly enjoyed the intimate setting.

The WINE: 4 From the Viognier to the Cab Franc, we were impressed.  Their wine was mature and tasted as if it should have cost more money than it did.

All in all, we feel you should visit this place because maybe it's one of those places full of cool adventures that lead to great stories, and if not, hey they have great wine!

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