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Wine Work: Harvesting

Guys, I'm getting real clever with my names, watch out!  As much as we love to drink wine, talk about wine, write about wine, and did I mention drink wine - we felt it necessary to learn more about wine.  And how do you learn more about wine than good ole' manual labor?

If you read the previous post, you'll realize this is the follow up to the cliff hanger.  But, there is no other sure fire way to get volunteers than to ask near the end of a concert that was a flowin' with wine.  Work for wine?  Count us in!

We roll up at 9am on a Saturday, Starbucks in hand, ready to roll.  Time out, I should also mention how hard it is to dress for wine harvesting.  I'll let you see how this conversation played out...

So back to the real story.  We get a 1 minute tutorial, and off we go - bucket in one hand and some clippers in the other.  We are set loose to pick some Niagra (a good ole' grape that typically makes a sweet wine).  After the first bunch, I was already testing out the taste of the grape, and it was yummy!  We forgot to ask if we could take grapes home with us.

After a couple hours, and a few photo sessions (look how happy, and fashionable we are), we only made it down ONE vine.  We never promised we were fast grape pickers.  Thankfully there were plenty of volunteers!

To end this lovely experience, we enjoyed a nice lunch with wine (obviously), and got to pick out any bottle of wine we wanted to take home.  I'd say those were 3 hours well spent.

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