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Wine Not Wednesday

AKA Whatcha Drinkin' Wednesday

Tonight after getting home from hanging out with some super cool teenagers (who were wild after being stuck in the classroom all day!), I wanted something to settle down with.  While some may reach for their loyal Rufus, or their beloved Johnny; I went to the wine rack.

I reached for my Tres Cerise from Flint Hill Vineyards in East Bend, NC.  Opening this wine was everything I wanted in my red blend for tonight.  It's perfectly dry and full of flavor, while also being light and smooth.  (Said as I pat myself on the back).  After taking a sip of this wine, I remembered exactly how good it was when I first had it in the tasting room a year ago, and why I purchased it.  That is a good feeling since it doesn't always work out that way.

The wine went perfectly with my scrumptious dinner of pinto beans...from a can.  When you are eating pinto beans from a can, you need a glass of wine, trust me.

The wine also went perfectly with me into my living room for wind down time of reading none other than my new wine book (I may have went overboard with the wine book selection on Amazon).  Life is good folks, life is good!

The Wine Mouths give the Tres Cerise from Flint Hill two thumbs up!

Wine Not Wednesday

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