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NC Winery #13: Garden Gate Vineyards

Give a little whoop whoop if you love your grandparents.  Imagine taking the coolest qualities of grandparents and putting them into one set.  For instance; perfect hair, homemade bread, Vietnam vet, history of local power, and of course wine tasting.  We got the privilege of visiting Garden Gate Vineyards this past weekend, and it was a treat.  Garden Gate is was the 16th North Carolina Winery when it was founded in 2003.

If you love sweet wines, or muscadines you will really enjoy this place and their wine.  If you enjoy anything else, you will really enjoy this place and their people.  I'm not a sweet wine fan or a muscadine fan, but for the half hour I broke bread and drank wine, I felt like family.  There might as well have been a fire between us listening to stories of the olden times.  We could have stayed there all day, had there not been other wineries to get in.

The people: 5  Saying that my entire post is about the people, I don't know what more to add!  They are great - go meet them!
The place: 4 With their lovely tasting room and you must look up.  Trust me, look up!
The WINE: 3  For not loving muscadines - I did come home with a Merlot that was made with muscadines.

For our sweet wine fans out there you have to go to this place, you will have the best of all worlds.  This is a place the winemouths will definitely be back to!

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