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NC Winery #20: Adagio Vineyards

One of the last times we went out, we got the pleasure of visiting a new winery in North Carolina.  Adagio Vineyards was everything we hoped for our last stop of the day.

To set the stage, we were running late - shocker.  For our fellow winery goers out there, you know the feeling. You're leaving a winery, realize you have 45 minutes left till ALL the wineries close, you have one more stop left on your list, and its out in the country ie 30 minutes away.  What do you do in times like these you may ask?  Well, take it from the Winemouths, don't just show up.  We've done this countless times, and ended up with no tasting, "half" tastings, or a very disgruntled wine spirit guide that is expecting you to drink the wine as fast as if it were water.  So knowing all this, we decided to call.  When I called to express we may get there a couple minutes before closing, Douglas was fantastic.  Easy as that!

We roll in and notice how nice and well kept the place is outside - you can tell how new it is.  That vibe carried on as we walked in the door, with a warm welcome.  When you walk in, there is a very modern tasting room, with violins and crafty things everywhere.  We get to meet Douglas and get started with our tasting.  The wine was balanced and tasty, and they had enough dry wine for us rarities in North Carolina.  Adagio also had a wide selection, surely able to please everyone.

They had an event that day with food pairings, and we got in on the action.  We had some cupcakes, and these pork/bbq/blue cheese/cracker things that were absolutely amazing (if only it had a name, and an accompanying recipe!).  To top it off, we were the last ones there that day, so we were forced, literally, to finish the food.  You don't have to ask us twice! I can't guarantee these food things while you are there, but cross your fingers.

One other neat thing about Adagio is their events.  Most wineries host music, so the fact that they have violinists frequently wasn't out of the norm.  The cool thing this winery hosts though, are craft events.  You can come drink wine and make Christmas ornaments, or wine bottle lights, or coasters.  Now I'm not necessarily a crafty person, but throw some wine in my hand and I'm Picasso.  (Stay tuned for the Winemouths experience making Christmas ornaments!)

The people: 4
The place: 3
The WINE: 4

In sum, we highly recommend this winery.  Go, meet Douglas, and enjoy their lovely wine.

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