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NC Winery #12: Misty Creek Farm & Vineyards

After debating whether or or not we'd been to this winery before, we pulled into Misty Creek Vineyards on a gorgeous summer day. As we walked in, it quickly dawned on us that we had on fact visited this winery early in our Wine Mouth career, but we were glad to give it a fresh start and refresh our memories!

Wine: 4

The dry wines all held their own, from the Chardonnay to the Chambourcin. They don't claim to be known for their sweet wines, and we understand why: The sweet wines were a little too cloying for our tastes. They grow all of the grapes on the property, and it's obvious they take a lot of pride in the vines and setting. 

Setting: 3

The tasting room is nicely appointed. There are a few bar areas set up for tastings, with an indoor area for hanging out and enjoying wine by the fireplace. (Note to self: Come back in winter.)

The outdoor patio is where it's at, though. Lots of space, landscaping, and gorgeous views provide a nice backdrop to a picnic. (Note to self: Bring a picnic.)

People: 5

Our Wine Spirit guide was friendly, knowledgeable, not overbearing. She had similar tastes in wine and we had an easy rapport. The owner/winemaker was on hand pouring wine himself, and his adorable mother manned (womanned?) the store. She was just precious!

We both left with a bottle of rosé and a smile on our face. Now onto the next winery!

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