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NC Winery #14: Stonefield Cellars

Stonefield Cellars and the Wine Mouths go waaaaay back. We've been to many a pirate-themed Halloween party there, done the wine tasting a couple times, and JMo even took a wine making class here last fall. It's a great spot near the Piedmont Triad with consistently amazing wines.

Wine: 5

Their winemaker has a Ph.D. in wine chemistry from UC Davis in California. He's the Real Deal. Although surrounded by the sweet tea drinkin', Bible Belt inhabitin' residents of the area,  Stonefield Cellars focuses on robust reds and well-balanced whites, creating some beautiful blends without pandering to the masses. At the same time, there's something on the menu for everyone. If you're after sweets, you'll enjoy the BellaSelena and Blueberry wines. Our favorites are the Mountain Mama Madness White (and red!), the Barrel X Reserve, and the Dread Pirate Roberts - a fabulous red blend. 

We're now both members of the Wine Club, so we've got a shipment of 4 more bottles to look forward to in October.  (This is the first wine club we've signed up for! More on that in another post...)

People: 4

It might take you a bit to warm up, but the folks who run this winery are wonderful. They know their way around wine and can point you to the right wine for your taste. It's a family affair, and the daughters even pitch in to do the tastings.

Place: 4

Their tasting room is very approachable, with a spacious outdoor area and patio furniture for lounging, gorgeous landscaping, and a resident cat named Fezzik (sp?) who mingles with the visitors.  We look forward to catching an event here soon.

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