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Happy Easter!

We hope all our internet friends out there had a lovely Easter.  The Wine Mouths did Good Friday a little differently this year and embarked on an Easter Egg Hunt, if you will.  We weren't out in a field, pushing small children down, rather we were in our car counting down the minutes to closing time wondering if there were any spare seconds for food.  What kind of fun is this you ask?  Well, we were collecting Easter Eggs at wineries!

If there are any fellow rule lovers out there like myself, here is the low down.  There are six wineries that participated.  At your first winery you get an easter basket and an egg with candy.  At each winery you hit you get another egg.  Once you hit five wineries you are entered into a drawing for some great prizes (read case of wine, yes please!).  Let me also mention the eggs and baskets were color coded; these are no amateurs folks.

Brushy Mountain : Our first stop was in downtown Elkin and we were very excited to come back.  We had been to this winery years ago and knew that it had switched ownership.  As with any lovely start to a winery day, we had to sit in the car for the last 3 minutes until the doors opened.  Once the OPEN flag went up, we ran in like kids to a candy shop.  We tasted amazing wines, and got a tour of the cellar.  If this was any indicator of the day, we knew this may be the best Easter weekend ever.

Slightly Askew : When we walked into Slightly Askew we joined the party.  Any winery with wine names such as Slut Dog and Spiker Dude is a party.  We immediately were deflated with how many easter baskets were around.  Really? Others took off work to easter egg hunt like me? Surely this cannot be.  We must win...

Carolina Heritage : This winery holds a special place in our hearts.  (Read one of our first posts ever!)  Carolina Heritage is the only organic winery in North Carolina.  They do an amazing job to have reasonably priced, earth sustaining, amazing wine that is some of the best we've had in the state.  If we weren't on a mission, we could have sat and talked with the owner Pat all day long.

Adagio : We knew when we heard of the eater hunt and all the planning, exactly where it came from.  Our friend Douglas at Adagio (featured here), had this lovely idea.  Any winery that wants to promote fun, community, and friendly competition is a friend of ours.  I mean Douglas didn't even slow down when someone lost a phone on the trail.  Eyes on the prize.

Elkin Creek : Elkin Creek is a located in a beautiful building that has pizza on Sundays.  We enjoyed interacting with our trail friends here.  Who needs to hike the Appalachian or PCT to meet trail friends.  Our little winery trail did the same thing, and I don't have blisters!  In all seriousness though, they do a spin on a Limoncello from wine - yummy!

Grassy Creek : One of us was a little hesitant to enter back in this winery (want to know why?), but we did it.  Even though we were entered in the drawing earlier, we weren't about to leave without all six eggs.  If you are on the look out for wine novelties, this is your place.  Oh and we like their wine too.  But I walked away with a tshirt, wine fashion is a thing ladies and gentlemen (and it wasn't bedazzled - don't fall for that trend).

And we don't believe this is the end of the fun for these super six, we hear there's something in the works for Mother's Day weekend.  Stay tuned.

Not only did we drink some delectable wine, we also made some friends along the way.  What more could one ask for on Good Friday?

Happy belated Easter friends.

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