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NC Winery #6: Laurel Gray Vineyards

Another selfie (we know, we know...)

Just 10 minutes down the road from Windsor Run and Shadow Springs is Laurel Gray Vineyards. This lovely little family establishment makes its home in an old milk barn. The tasting room was rather small and bar space was at a premium, so we squeezed in next to the cash register and got busy.

The tasting list was long and comprehensive, and our wine Spirit Guide was an aged, er, elderly gentleman - possibly the owner. For $7 we tasted 10 wines, and got to keep the glass. Starting with an unoaked Chardonnay, we worked our way through three whites and onward to the reds. They also had 4 sweet/fun wines on the list. And since it was JMo's birthday eve, the kind old man gave us chocolate. (Little did we know that we weren't special, and they actually give chocolate to everyone with the tasting.) We also took a wine intermission to try their locally-made barbecue sauce: Crazy 'Bout Butts. Yum.

  • Staff: sweet little old men just melt our hearts - 4
  • Indoor ambiance: quaint, cozy old farmhouse - 3
  • Outdoor ambiance: there was snow on the ground when we were there, but it would be a lovely place for a picnic - 3
  • Regular wine tasting: nothing stood out in our collective memories - 3
  • Specialty wine tasting: having just come from Shadow Springs (the definition of specialty wine), we were underwhelmed by their specialty wines. - 2
  • The story: no one ever really filled us in - 2
  • Amount/selection tried: 10 wines for a tasting secured this in the upper echelon of wine tastings - 4
  • Cost: bottles ranged from $15 to $25. - 2
  • Location: in very close proximity to several other wineries - 4
Average: 3

If you are the Apple Family the selection is great: frog wine stoppers and anything about Butts, but for the rest of us, this winery is average.

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