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Popcorn and Wine Pairing

We Wine Mouths LOVE awards season. Any excuse to sit on the couch, look at pretty dresses, heckle the tv when Leo gets snubbed (and not to mention drink wine) is a winner in our book.

Here's our take on popcorn and wine pairings for Oscar night!

1. Butter + Chardonnay
What could be butter...er, better than straight up, unadulterated butter paired with your favorite buttery chardonnay? Get the recipe here

2. Parmesan and Black Pepper + Syrah

Get yourself a block of parmesan and a pepper grinder and go to town on this. This should pair quite nicely with a peppery Syrah.

3. Cinnamon sugar + Prosecco 

This is like the Reese Witherspoon of popcorn: Sweet and a little sassy. Get the recipe here.

4. Cayenne + rosé 

Temper the spicy kick of cayenne pepper with a sweet(ish) rosé. Our lady Martha has you covered with the recipe

And the Oscar goes to...

Try them out and let us know what you think!

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