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Wine + Yoga

Over the past month, we've had a couple of instances of Wine and Yoga being paired together, and it works as well as a juicy steak and a spicy Syrah.

Yoga and Wine at a Vineyard

On a lovely Saturday morning, we wake up at the crack of dawn to start our day off right with some yoga.  While you may be starting to congratulate us, know that my heart was with the wine.  We were going to do yoga at a winery.  We got the joy of doing yoga in a ballroom of sorts at the lovely Childress Vineyards.  It was magical and the yoga class was before the winery opened, so the ambiance was on fleek (or on point; I believe I may be a few years to old to actually use that term).  Sigh.

After a calm, restorative yoga class, we got a "free" glass of wine.  Sneakily enough, we had to buy a tasting to figure out what we wanted our glass of wine to be.  We progressed through their selections of dry whites and reds, and were impressed.  I could have picked any number of them to enjoy.  What did we both settle on?  Malbec.  Classic.

We sat outside and enjoyed our glass of Malbec, where a little posse from the yoga class had formed.  After yoga, a wine tasting, and a glass of wine, the number one thought has to be, "I'M STARVING".  So we proceeded to the restaurant and enjoyed lunch with a bottle of wine.  I'm not sure if the booze had anything to do with our judgment but the food was also on point.  Pizza or gnocchi, either were great options and did in fact pair well with their Pinot Grigio.

The moral of the story here is that yoga at a winery can lead you to a day at the winery.  Clever folks, those guys.

Yoga and Wine at a Yoga Studio

So in researching yoga and wine, trying to find all these yoga offerings at vineyards, I stumbled upon something amazing.  I found a yoga studio that was ALSO a wine lounge!  What, "Is this heaven?", I asked myself.  Why, it is Zin Yoga Studio and Wine Lounge in Garner, North Carolina.

After corralling a yogi friend, we felt the 2 hour drive to this place was oh so worth it.  We walked in with 30 seconds to spare, (note to self: include a gas stop in timing estimates).  We rushed into the spacious yoga studio and immediately were ready to dive in.  Let me also mention that the Wine Mouths had on wine work out shirts, while it may be a fashion trend, it is our life.  Save Water Drink Wine - yes of course, It's A Rose Kind of Day - well duh.  The class was fascinated that we had driven so long to attend a yoga class, but they just didn't realize what a treasure they had in their town.

The yoga class was taught by the owner and was delightful.  She was so real, the authenticity oozed through every pose.  We went through some tough moves and had time at the end to play around with crazy things that in my maybe 10 classes total I had never tried.  I found myself sore for a few days after - so many planks!

Post-yoga was my highlight.  We split a bottle of Rose and sat outside.  The lounge inside was also beautiful, and had some snazzy wines and yoga clothes for purchase (which could be very dangerous after some yoga and wine).  We enjoyed fantastic conversation with the owner, and I left wanting to be her.  I truly wish there were an oasis like this nearer to home.

Folks go try yoga and wine.  It's basically the best thing ever.

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