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NC Winery #2: Carolina Heritage

(In my best Oprah voice): IT'S ORGANIC!!!

For starters, Carolina Heritage is ORGANIC, BITCHES! Oh, and did I mention that it's organic? That's right, folks! Carolina Heritage is the only certified organic winery in North Carolina. Elkin, NC that is - a heritage we can be proud of.  I'm not sure how this winery escaped our cognizance thus far, because I'm pretty sure it's our favorite winery ever (for now at least).

We stumbled upon Carolina Heritage after our visit to Stony Knoll. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the friendly winery guineas who led us into the lovely wood-paneled tasting room. We were the only guests there, so we had the place to ourselves. In addition to the wine-ista, the owner (aka winemaker) was also hanging out in the tasting room. We made ourselves at home and the wine-ista hooked us up with the tasting.

Spoiler alert: we loved all their wines. The winemaker was after our own heart, so nothing-not even their sweet wine-was too sweet. We tried a delicious Traminette, Chambourcin, Cab Franc, Noble Rose, Carlos, Cranberry Splash, Sweet T, Blueberry, and Glogg (get it - all of them).

We chatted for a while with the winemaker, and she really sold us on the organic aspect. And I quote: "We're just trying to do the best we can with our little piece if land." Oh my heavens, our hearts just melted on the spot (side note: can we buy ALL of your wine? Please and thank you) I'm not sure how much you know about growing grapes, but generally they require a lot of pesticides. So much so, that you probably wouldn't even want to eat them straight off the vine, Ancient Roman style.

What more can we say? We loved this place. We each left with a few bottles apiece (whaddup half case discount!), wishing we had stocked up on more. Their prices, and their ethos, were just that good.

The Wine Nine:

  • Staff: super friendly and informative - 5
  • Indoor ambiance: cozy and warm, but small - 4
  • Outdoor ambiance: we were basically parked in their front yard - 3
  • Wine tasting: awesome dry whites and reds-all organic - 5
  • Specialty wine tasting: they served a delicious homemade Glogg (think mulled wine, but better). Also, none of their sweet wines were too sweet! - 5
  • The story: Organic. Enough said. 
  • Amount/selection tried: We got to try the standard amount of wine and didn't have to choose our selection. Also, we got to re-try a wine at the end. Always a plus. - 4
  • Cost: for being organic, their prices were so affordable and on par with normal prices. - 5
  • Location: Google maps did not lead us astray, and it was in close proximity to a few other wineries. 
Average: 4.44

Two out of two Jessica's agree, Carolina Heritage is a wonderful, magical place.  The wine is organic AND amazing which makes it pretty great in our book.  We'll be making a return visit very soon.


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