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Wine Not Wednesdays? : Anniversary Celebrations

Last weekend, my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary. We went antique shopping (a perfectly normal pastime for two young people!) and came across this lovely giant vase. I was hoping we'd be able to fill it with wine corks over the next few years...but it looks like one weekend and it's already full!

Well, we are almost a whole month into Spring and I feel like I'm just now getting in the spirit - that means fresh flowers EVERYWHERE.

There is nothing like finding a new restaurant close to work.  Jmo and I have stumbled on quite possibly the best Massaman Curry ever, from our new favorite Thai Corner Kitchen (drive through = classy).

Speaking of anniversaries, I decided to start a new Wine Mouth-worthy tradition. Each year on our wedding anniversary, we'll pick out a bottle of wine to save and drink the following year on our anniversary. (Who said I was only in this marriage for the wine?!). We went to Stonefield Cellars (http://www.stonefieldcellars.com/), one of our favorite NC wineries, and the winemaker himself drew us this custom label.
Cheers to new traditions!

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