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Wine Not Wednesday

So on this Wednesday, I'm not really sure what's going on.  For starters I am up past 10pm, I am crafting, and I am drinking muscadine wine.  All of those things by themselves are normally not uttered out of this wine mouth.  Much less all at once!

Last night I try this crafting thing, and gave up.  So tonight, coming in strong, I decide these invites will not beat me!  I put on pajamas and go to the wine shelf.  I pick out the perfect bottle and buckle down.  Since I was feeling adventurous in the crafting, I went the same route with the wine.  This bottle of muscadine from Fiddlers Vineyard has been sitting awhile.  Mostly because I was scared.  It was a purchase that a week later you look at the bottle, and think "Did I have too much wine?  Why would I have bought this?".

As I pour my glass and start some stamping, I take my first big sip.  While my nose turned up face is in position, I am blown away.  Its good.  It is like second-glass, maybe the whole bottle tonight good.  It is different; it has a twang and leaves a bit of a taste in your mouth like you just ate a big ole mouthful of sour gummy worms.  But I do love sour gummy worms.  Take that crafts - you are on!

If you like adventure, I'd check out this wine, or any Fiddlers wine.  They are all an adventure in a bottle.

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Wine Not Wednesday