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Wine Not Wednesday

I've learned quite a bit (of non-earth-shattering things) over the past couple of weeks, and I feel like you should learn them too. 

1. I could totally survive in the wilderness, because now I can easily take wine with me (sans spillage).  I've always like hiking, but now I love hiking.  Mainly because fellow winos invented these neat contraptions for holding wine and making it hiker-friendly.  Nothing topped a great hike like some wine, salami, and cheese.

2. Going to a concert with your family, staying up all night long talking (with wine obviously - I have to get it from somewhere), does not make for happy campers for a 7am family yard sale.

Rhonda Vincent!

3. I have awesome friends, that make awesome things.  My friend Andrew started KoruWood and his rings are absolutely amazing.  Check it out, https://www.etsy.com/shop/koruwood, do it, now.  While I sit here and try to figure out how I can pull off cufflinks.

Until next week folks!

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