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Wine Events: The Church Sisters

This past weekend we got to go to possibly our first wine event together.  We went to a concert at Stonefield Cellars (see previous review of the stellar wine tasting), and saw the talented Church Sisters.  You know since we share the same last name, I just couldn't miss it!  Maybe I have long lost cousins, that are adorable and play the fiddle.

Stonefield puts on a summer concert series where they have a band every Friday night; and I'm hating my first one was almost the end of summer.  Truth be told, you can go to the nearest NC winery to your house and I bet they have a concert series going on.  And even if it is the worst band you've ever heard, you have wine!

There was quite the crowd for the Church Sisters (everyone must have gotten the memo that they are going to be famous), which made for some great dance-watching.  And to top off the wine you could get a peanut butter, bacon, pepper jelly burger - talk about crazy good (Camel City), especially with a Pinot Gris.

What more do you need- good food, good wine, good music, and good company?

At the end of the show, the owner Natalie stood up and announced that grapes were ready for harvest and that they were taking volunteers.  And you know the Wine Mouths don't miss an opportunity, so until next blog...

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