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NC Winery #15: Chestnut Trail Vineyard

We found another ORGANIC winery! This makes two for us in North Carolina, and Chestnut Trail Vineyard one has three varieties of the muscadine.  Immediately I turned up my nose on the fact of only having three wines and also muscadines (what a snob I've become!).  Could this place really be any good?  Well to my surprise, we very much appreciated these muscadines and the winemaker.  They made the muscadine, what I believe the muscadine should be: a grape, not a candy (and that's saying a lot coming from one who wakes up to candy).

We also fell in LOVE with their labeling and names.  We don't speak of labels and names much, because when you are drinking wine who really cares, amirite?  BUT, at this place we stampeded the lady about the labels and wine names.  They are very pretty bottles, and I've yet to drink mine because it looks so lovely on my wall display.

The people:  4 - Our wine spirit guide was the perfect mix of talkative and not-too talkative, while also being well informed of the place - since it was hers!
The place: 3 - The tasting room was very small, though comfortable, and there was nice outdoor porch seating.
The WINE: 4 - It was hard not to leave with all three of their wines.

So I thank you Chestnut Trail, for bringing me down a peg, and taking my snobbiness of muscadines away.  You have done muscadines well dear vineyard, congrats!

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