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NC Winery #22: Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery

As we stroll into Grassy Creek Vineyards, we realize this may be one of our new favorites.  The tasting room is rustic, but super clean and tidy.  We cozy up to the tasting bar and dive right in.  We have a lovely wine spirit guide that delights us by telling a whole lotta history.  We learn the whole history of the farm, and while I don't remember a lick of it now, I was totally engulfed during our tasting in all the stories.

The best part of all is while we were going through, the wine spirit guide was also generous with the pours and allowed for second tastings.  I even got an extra tasting because he lost track of where he was in the wine pouring order.

We didn't even get through the full tasting when we eyed some t-shirts in their gift shop section.  Now we are pretty used to all the novelties at winery gift shops and rarely come across things we haven't seen.  This was different.  We ran over, decided which colors we needed, and rustled through the table to find our sizes.  I'm pretty sure the wine spirit guide thought we had never seen a t-shirt before.

NC Wine T-Shirt!

When we were leaving, wine in hand, the wine spirit guide realized both our names were Jessica. Normally we get an 'awh' or a new nickname (such as The Jessicas).  But in this instance, he asked if Jmo was my mom.  Besides the obvious fact that I don't think we look 16 years apart, what mother names their daughter by the same name?  Does Jr. work for women?  I may have come upon something here ladies and gentlemen!  Regardless, it was pretty epic.  That's what an army vest over a t-shirt dress will get you folks - mom status.

The people: 4 - Who doesn't love story time?

The place: 4 - Good vibe and excellent t-shirts.

The WINE: 4 - A good collection of dry reds and whites, including a delicious Barbera

Grassy Creek has a lot of charm from their staff to their special wine served in milk glass jugs.

Hello. It's me.

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