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NC Winery #3: Olde Mill Winery & Vineyards

We were informed about Olde Mill Vineyards in Mt. Airy by our new BFFs at Carolina Heritage. Only a short drive away from Carolina Heritage, this was our last stop after a full day of wine drinkin'.

Naturally we were already in pretty high spirits (you know, because of all the wine), but after the full tasting at Olde Mill, we were pretty much in heaven. The tasting room was already full with a raucous group of people, with whom we became fast friends.

The bar is set up in a beautiful 19th century farmhouse. The wine-isto was none other than the winery owner himself. He kept the wine a-flowin' as we worked our way through the tasting list. He also informed us about the history of the vineyard: there was an old mill on the farmland--hence the name. He and his wife own the winery, and their son is the winemaker! I was accused of being an undercover lawyer after I questioned the legality of their son starting to make wine at the precocious wine-o age of 12 (hello child labor and underage drinking!), but I think he's of age now and totally legal.

We were very impressed with their wines. Their reds tasted very mature, and nothing was too sweet. We also got to go back for seconds at the end-a sure fire way into a Wine Mouth's heart! Naturally, we bought a half-case between the two of us so we could get the discount. And it gets better! The wine tasting and glass were free with a purchase! This is the only winery in NC we've encountered with this deal. I hope it catches on!

And now for the scoring:

  • Staff: the owner himself  led the tasting - 4
  • Indoor ambiance: we loved the farmhouse. It was cozy but not kitschy. - 5
  • Outdoor ambiance: the patio and porch would be perfect for wine-drinkin' in the summer - 4
  • Regular wine tasting: we were impressed with their red selection, and appreciated that none of the wines were too sweet - 5
  • Specialty wine tasting: they didn't have much in the way of fun wines - 3
  • The story: it's owned and run by a family, how adorable! - 5
  • Amount/Selection tried: We got to try everything on the list PLUS we got bonus pours at the end - 5
  • Cost: everything was affordable, and we got the tasting and glass free with purchase - 5
  • Location: close enough to several other wineries made this perfect for a Saturday road trip - 4

Average: 4.44
Looking forward to a return visit, and drinking the wine we bought! 

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