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NC Winery #4: Windsor Run Cellars

We heard tale of this great winery in North Carolina that made bourbon in addition to their wine selection. While looking for a different winery on our map, we happened upon Windsor Run Cellars and stopped immediately.

The tasting room was a large, rustic space with views of the grapevines. It had recently snowed over a foot, so the landscape was particularly nice. Our wine-ista was talkative and informative (while not being too over-the-top), and gave us the low down, especially when it came to brandy and wine-related recipes.

For the low-low price of $9, you could taste 9 wines - three of which were fortified with the brandy
distilled on the property.  You also got to keep the wine glass AND the Windsor Run shot glass. (Pro Tip: Try not to drop them in your driveway when you get home...they will break). However, we had to narrow down the wines to taste, which is never an easy feat for a Wine Mouth.

If you like sweet wines, this is the place to go. I don't know if it was the snow on the ground, the wine in our bellies, or some crazy brandy voodoo, but we ended up buying a whole case. Woopsies.

  •  Staff: The wine-ista gave us lots of recipes ideas, except that we couldn't remember any of them later - 3
  • Indoor ambiance: Two words...The View - 4
  • Outdoor ambiance: There wasn't much space to lounge outside - 3
  • Regular wine tasting: The wines were good, but nothing sticks out in our memory - 3
  • Speciality wine tasting: Oh hayy fortified wines! We enjoyed the brandy tasting, especially because this is the only NC distillery we've heard about - 5
  • The story: We didn't find out any of the history beyond the fact that it changed names, and is owned by the same people that own the winery down the street - 2
  • Amount/Selection tried: We had to pick off the list, AND they used a spout to limit us to 1-ounce pours. - 2
  • Cost: Average pricing, with case discounts: 3
  • Location: Within a mile of another winery...so close, you could walk there...IN YOUR CAR - 5
 Average: 3.33

The distillery ultimately boosted this winery's ratings. We recommend it for its uniqueness, though not so much for its wine selection.

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