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NC Winery #11: Chatham Hill Winery

Lets just start by saying this winery took us on quite the challenge to get to.  You have the wine mouths torn between not wanting to leave the beach but also wanting to hit ALL the wineries home, and oh yea - it's the end of 4th of July so hello traffic.

We both agree though that, Chatham Hill Winery was worth it.  Chatham Hill is another urban winery, as we've seen in more prevalence.  This means they do not have their own vineyards, so folks if the pictures are what you are after, this is not the place for you.  But if it is the wine you are after, you should check this place out.

Our game may have stepped up a little bit, as much as we'd hope from being rejuvenated by visiting a winery, alas truth be told we now have competition.  Enter cute couple stage right also coming from the beach, also from the same area, also trying to hit all the NC wineries.  The difference was they mapped out their journey home from the beach, and hit more wineries.  Hashtag fail.

We've limited our grading metric down, call it refinement or laziness, truth be told its in the middle.  So instead of a bajillion categories, we now have 3.  3 folks - and the 3 most important things to us.  The people, the place, and last but clearly most important the WINE.

So Chatham Hill, drum roll please:

The people:  3 - Our wine spirit guide was wearing America Toms.  I mean what's more America than spending a lot of money on canvas shoes because they help children in Africa?
The place: 3 - Super easy to get to off the highway, which is a plus in traffic
The WINE: 4 - They had a great selection of drys, which is always a plus for us - I left with a white and a red.

Slightly better than average for a winery, and maybe even more so since there wasn't the additional ambiance of the grapes and vines.  The winemouths think you should give this place a chance for the WINE.

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