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NC Winery #17: Zimmerman Vineyards

So I'm just going to start off by saying we love this place.  I love this place so much I broke my new found rule of only buying a bottle and ended up leaving with 3.

On a random Saturday, with wineries not on the agenda, we found ourselves at Zimmerman Vineyards.  We realized it was SO close to one of our houses (and when discussing wineries, SO close = 30 minutes), and so we jumped in the car.

We arrived and pulled in a long gravel driveway to hit a beautiful cabin.  We were running a little close to closing time so we were nervous, from experience mind you.  We've had to convince other wine spirit guides that we could taste wine in 10 minutes in our past experiences.  We hesitantly walk in, and are relieved when the owner doesn't care what time it is.  She's on winery time.  Even after we finish a lovely tasting, we were convinced to get a bottle and sit outside, and we could just stay as long as we wished.  What hospitality!

The people: 4  We got to hear lovely about the couple that owned the property, grew the grapes, and made the wine.  It is always a treat when the wine spirit guide has the inside scoop.

The place: 4  The cabin is rustic but beautiful, and they have one of the best outdoor views in NC.  It is also the first winery in its county, which was previously dry, kudos!

The WINE: 4 This winery was right up our alley in their selection.  Wonderful dry bold reds and a fantastic dry rose.  They also have amazing images and names from Greek mythology.  Do you really need anything else?

Overall, Zimmerman is a solid winery in NC that we highly recommend.  Did I mention they have amazing discounts for buying more than one bottle?  (Teaser alert)

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