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Wine Not Wednesday: Wine Mouths on Broadway

Hi guys!

I'm going to take you back in time to a few weeks ago, when the Wine Mouths went to Broadway...Durham. Broadway, Durham.

That's right! We wen to see Kinky Boots at DPAC. What a wonderful show! It was made even more wonderful by the fact that they sell WINE there! Upon arrival, I pointed out to my fellow wine mouth that you could buy wine by the bottle. When we timidly asked about this at the concession stand, we were provided with an uncorked bottle of wine and two glasses. Turns out, you can't take the bottle in the theater - you have to pour it into the tumblers beforehand. We got a lot of looks (of jealousy or judgement, I'm not sure) while we hastily poured our wine into bottles. Haters gonna hate.

Not gonna lie - we entertained the idea of keeping the plastic cups so we could smuggle in our own wine next time.

A nice Cabernet is the perfect pairing to show tunes, social justice, acceptance, and fabulous footwear.

This post sponsored by Cyndi Lauper.

Wine Not Wednesday

Wine Not Wednesday