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Wine Not Wednesday

JMo here with the first two entries into this week's Wine Not Wednesday:

We're reading this book for our company's inaugural Book Club (aka Wine Club). However, I think we've already figured out the secret to happiness: Wine, wine and more wine.

I went camping last weekend and got to enjoy this view. And yes, I did sneak a box of wine into the campground. No alcohol allowed? I take that as a challenge.
As I (Church) takes over the mic, I will continue on with the mention of boxed wine...

I was making my way through leftovers from our lovely Charleston weekend, I have realized there is still sooo much wine left in a box after you take it out of the box.

As I'm starting as a Youth Director and our church has moved into a new building, we decided to break it in with an XTREME 4 Corners game (who doesn't want to roll around on dirty floors acting like worms?)

Wine Not Wednesday

Wine Not Wednesday