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Wine Not Wednesday

We hope all you wine-o's had a great Memorial Day weekend! Ours was spent drinking wine (obvi) and looking at sunsets. 

When life gives you wine...drink it! In this case, Church's dad received 2 bottles of wine in a recent barter for golf cart servicing. Nothing sketchy here, folks! We even Googled Linneys Mill Vineyard - looks like a local family affair...which we also inferred from the terrifying child's Grape Monster drawing on the bottle. (Thanks, Mary! Your artistic endeavors are admirable.)

Nothing can make this view better, except maybe some more wine. And half of a pan of brownies.

Meanwhile, in JMo's neck of the woods....

This is the sunset at Greenbriar State Park in Maryland where JMo spent the weekend camping. (Who knew she was so outdoorsy?)

When a campground says "NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED", a true Wine Mouth tries to think of all the ways possible to sneak in alcohol. This presents a great opportunity for boxed wine which can be easily concealed in a cooler (or hiking boot!), fifths of whiskey sewn into your sleeping bag, or this new fantabulous product we found at the grocery store: Stack Wines. Talk about convenience! For the price of a bottle of wine, you get 4 individually packaged plastic glasses of wine that all stack together. Bonus points for looking like an innocuous glass of apple juice. (Here, sir. Please take all of our money.)

Until next time!

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