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Wine Not Wednesday

JMo here! Time for another installment of...WINE NOT WEDNESDAY! (Said in my best game show host voice...)

My mom brought me these irises last weekend. The same bulbs grew in my grandmother's yard in Texas, and now they bloom in my parents' yard here in North Carolina. B-E-A-UTIFUL.

Church and I accidentally wore the same shoes to work today. #JessicaProblems #howembarrassing  

Also, we got talked into doing a wine-and-painting night by our coworkers. On the right, please note the delicious Zebra Shiraz that we purchased at our local Sheetz Gas Station. (I think we could devote an entire post to the wine selection at Sheetz)

And finally, this is the finished product! If you zoom in reaaaaaally close, you'll see that, yes, in fact, I do have winemouth. And Jesse is missing a face. So that's exciting. But flashback to earlier in this post - do you recognize those irises? (Yes? No? Maybe?)
So that's that! Thanks for tuning in.

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Wine Not Wednesday