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Wine Not Wednesday

I've spent the past week making amazing meals, drinking wine, and learning how to run again!  Mainly I've been making food.  Blue Apron has been my Savior on the cooking front, and now I can fry some chicken (the aspiration of every Southern lady). 

I got to experience the joys of Freekah (which spell check doesn't even know!).  I'll never find these ingredients again, but it was sure tasty while it lasted. (Thanks Nana for the classy dishes.)

I won't tell you how long it took me to "matchstick" that watermelon radish, or that I had a bit too much wine by the end of cooking this meal that took one million years.

Here is my almost-famous fried chicken!  It only required me to open all the windows and blast all the fans to prevent setting the fire alarm on my entire apartment complex (flashbacks to college and popcorn right there, amirite).

Happy Eatin' Y'all!

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Wine Not Wednesday