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NC Winery #5: Shadow Springs Vineyard

Down the street from Windsor Run lives Shadow Springs Vineyards. Owned by the same people, the winery had quite a different feel from Windsor Run.

The tasting room was spacious, and was even still decorated for Christmas (even though it was the middle of February). We got to taste a fair amount of wine, with lots of emphasis on the specialty wines. Chocolate this, margarita that, strawberry so-and-so...the sweet wines were where they really rose above.

We purchased a few bottles of the fun wines, and we have really been enjoying them since.

  • Staff: Not the most attentive - 2
  • Indoor ambiance: spacious. Nice bathrooms (always a plus) - 3
  • Outdoor ambiance: pretty driveway, not much outdoor lounge space - 3
  • Regular wine tasting: nothing blew our socks off - 3
  • Specialty wine tasting: the margarita wine (aka ShadowRita), Dark Shadow, and  chocolate/strawberry French Kiss have been staples in our wine fridge ever since. - 5
  • The story: we didn't hear anything, other than complaints about the scenery - 2
  • Amount/selection tried: above rage selection - 3
  • Cost: average - 3
  • Location: a mile from Windsor Run - 4

Average: 3.11
Just like Windsor Run, this is great if you're looking for some sweet local wines. The ShadowRita is sold in box form, which we take as a good sign. 

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