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Wine Review: Shadow Springs Vineyard's ShadowRita

The Porch-Sittin' Wine

Let me give you the background on this one: Per the usual, this bottle was an impulse buy for us. We were halfway through a wine tasting at Shadow Springs in Hamptonville, NC (winery review coming soon), when the wine-ista poured us a tasting of the Shadow-Rita. We are always such suckers for sweet wines in the tasting, because when all you're getting is a little mouthful, of course you think you'll want the whole bottle. In reality, we usually get home, open up the sweet wine, and immediately regret our decision. #poorlifechoices

So here we are...several weeks after the purchase, we just finished a 5k (will run for wine!) and the weather was just perfect for some porch sittin' and margarita-inspired wine.

The wine tastes just like a margarita, but better. It's a stainless steel white blend of Viognier, Traminette and Chardonel grapes with citrus and sugar added..and a little brandy for good measure. Call me crazy, but I could detect a hint of muscadine in there too.

Despite looking like a glass full of urine, this really was the perfect wine for a nice afternoon on the porch in the springtime.

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