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50 Shades of Grape: Don't Call it a Comeback

Let's face the facts, yo. We accidentally took a 9-month-long wine nap and left you wine-loving party animals in the lurch. That wasn't very cool of us, I'll admit. We've been a little 'tied up', but we are back and ready to DRINK SOME WINE, TALK ABOUT SAID WINE, DRINK SOME MORE WINE, and then DO SOME COOL STUFF THAT WE PROBABLY WON'T REGRET, OKAY?

It's Valentine's Day, which I hope means you aren't reading this (SERIOUSLY, GET OFF THE INTERNET AND PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LIFE, MAN!). Hopefully you are spending the evening with someone you love: be it your boyfriend, your current slampiece, your cat, or that special glass of red wine (you had me at merlot...) and an episode of the Bachelor. 

Here's a li'l recap of how the Winemouths have been celebrating this holiday:

Namaste, betches! We took a wine and chocolate yoga class where we got to meditate on chocolate, drink some wine, and even do some inappropriately-sensual partner yoga poses. Church won a free yoga mat!

50 Shades of Gray is in theaters AND in my local wine bar. I guess the handcuffs are sold separately?
So that's all for now. But rest assured - we're not going to be leaving you alone any time soon. Heck, we're probably circling the drive outside your house right now...
Okay, byeeeee!


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