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We're Back (Again)?

I know what you all are thinking, seriously what do these girls think they are doing?  But just keep that thought in your head, because we are BACK (said in my best opera voice). 

Here are the reasons we are back:
1. We love wine/wineries/wine mouths/wine things, get the picture?
2. We love the internet.
3. Retirement plan.

I will tell you I'm especially inspired tonight, as I found my favorite wine glass.  My recycled glass goblet (given to me by my pastor) has found its way back to my hands, full of wine of course (a nice fruity blackberry grape wine from MenaRick Vineyards here in NC - one of the few fruit wines I enjoy). This lovely glass was an excellent prop to be Skylar for the Breaking Bad finale.  It's amazing what can be found in 12 boxes of kitchen things, dug out of your grandparents attic.  Especially when you have a whole box labeled "wine glasses" by your grandma; the same grandma who doesn't know you drink (denial is a powerful thing my friends).

Sadly I will have to put up that nice Valentines Day candle holder soon.  Once I am fully stocked for the next holiday of course; don't ask how long it took my Christmas mat to get replaced!

Let's be honest though, blogging isn't our specialty, yet...  But drinking wine is.  And for better or worse, we still believe we are going to be the best wine bloggers at least in NC (we are the only ones right?).  That is how JMo and I win things (being the only ones in your age group for your first 5k ever = SUCCESS).

That being said, you can look to us again for all your wine questions and concerns, and we will give you an eye-ful for the NC wineries, and other random things we may come across.  Oh and also, we may blow up your social media, sorry we aren't sorry.

Peace out,

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