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Wine Not Wednesday

Sometimes, everything in your life comes together just right.

A few weeks ago, we visited the Budbreak Wine festival (seen below).

Budbreak Wine Festival in Mount Airy


At said wine festival, Church purchased the bottle of wine below, which we used to make sweet, sweet (as in really, really sweet) sangria.

Tangerine Lemon Pinot Grigio from Slightly Askew Winery

We drank said sangria while tailgating for the Willie Nelson/Alison Krauss concert. And here's how committed to tailgating we are: when we got there before the concert, we were the ONLY ones tailgating. In the pouring rain. Drinking wine. Eating Bojangles. Wearing cowboy boots. (Because a person can only be so classy...)

An outtake from the Wine Mouth blooper reel.

This is the life!

Willie Nelson himself.

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