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Valentine's Pairings

Valentine's Pairings

Where do we even start with Valentines Day? It is one of the most loved and hated holidays of them all. Personally, I love Valentines Day, and any holiday for that matter. And better yet, it gave us an excuse to actually use conversation hearts (who really eats those things???). Check out our candy heart wine pairing.


Be Mine: Malbec

There is nothing we Wine Mouths would rather have as our own than Malbec. It may be trendy, but it is a favorite. It is there when you want a bold red, but it gives you those jammy flavors that allow you to relax and not think quite so hard about your wine. Malbec may just be the best Valentines Day wine; whether you are enjoying a big steak with your loved one, or watching Bachelor alone with chocolate and wine (hey, we've all done it!).

I Wonder: Retsina

I've found the conversation hearts have some weird sayings (I couldn't find a pairing for E-mail Me), and I wonder about the I wonder heart. When it comes to wine, a wine I've been wondering about lately is Retsina. You may have not heard about it, but it's on the rise. Consider yourself informed. Retsina is a wine from Greece that is infused with pine sap. Yep, it tastes like a pine tree. Want a Valentines Day filled with wonder, grab a bottle of Retsina!


For Keeps: Chambourcin

Wine trends come and go, some are bad (maybe read the suggestion above), and some are great. North Carolina has a particular knack for some different wines based on our climate. In particular, hybrids are doing well here. Hybrids are just like it sounds; think of it as the wine grape version of the pluot. Our favorite hybrid is Chambourcin, and its one that is a keeper for this area. Chambourcin produces a bold, rich red wine with notes of black cherry and black pepper. Perfect for a spicy Valentines Day.

Nice Girl: Pinot Gris/Grigio

This one is easy, I mean, what's nicer than a Pinot Gris? Everyone that drinks Pinot Gris is just plain nice. Better yet, Pinot Gris is nice to you! It's nice on tummy and for anyone that suffers from heartburn from wine (really, its quite unfair), you understand. Fitting for us, Pinot Gris is also very nice for your teeth. Are you going to a party for Valentines Day and hoping to impress someone? Take our advice and stick with the nice wine. No one wants to make moves on someone with purple teeth. 

Mistake: Champagne

Can you imagine getting a conversation heart of 'Mistake'? Ouch! Drinking wine is never a mistake, but some wine was happened upon by mistake. The best example of this is Champagne. Just ask Dom Pierre Pérignon. The temperature started rising and the monks in the long ago wondered why all the wine was exploding. Well just so happens there was still some natural yeast and sugar, and that extra CO2 just couldn't hold it in. Valentines Day is quite the fitting holiday for some bubbly, though every day is worth celebrating with bubbly.

Slow Down: Tempranillo

You know this heart has some truth to it. Those relationships or first dates that just go too quick. That pushy guy might as well be a Tempranillo. Dark, rich, spicy, complex, intriguing, and before you know it, you are in over your head. Tempranillo, especially from Spain, has a tendency to have a high alcohol content. With a percentage up to 15, you'll want to slow down on this one. Unless you want to wake up February 15th regretting Valentines Day. Which, if you do (no judging), grab a Rioja Tempranillo!

Lost Love: Carmenere

There are so many lost loves in wine. I mean there are thousands of varities, and most people know as many as they can count on two hands. Our favorite lost love though would be Carmenere. This started as a Bordeaux grape, and is approved for their classic blends. Somehow it got lost along the way, and Chile decided to try it out. Now you can pretty much only find Carmenere from Chile. One mans loss is another mans treasure. If that isn't the best Valentines Day story, I don't know what is.

Wild One: Muscadine

I think of the Wild West and cowboys, and what could be more American than Muscadine? Some may turn up their noses, but it is the vine that is native to North America. If you want to celebrate your roots, and take a drink on the wild side, reach for a Muscadine. If you look hard enough you may even have a wild Muscadine vine growing in the woods behind your house. 

Rising Star: Canned Wine

We end on the note of the future. The rising star in the wine world is canned wine. There's red, white, rose, and sparkling wine in cans now. Its no longer the big brands that have canned wine, right next to the wine juice boxes in the grocery store. You can get fancy canned wine in bottle shops and at wineries. Wineries are hopping on board and playing to the millennials that want easy and fun. But really, what is better than wine in a can? That just means its wine for the beach, wine for camping, wine for tubing down a river, and wine for tailgating (and those are just my experiences). No better day to jump on board with the newest fad than on Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day to all! We hope your day is filled with the two most important things: love and wine!

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