Hi, we're the
Wine Mouths!

North Carolina wine bloggers and educators.

We Are The Wine Mouths

Oh, hello there! Welcome to The Wine Mouths. We'd like to tell you a little about ourselves. For starters, we're the best of friends. And we're both named Jessica (what's up 1987!!!). We also both love wine. A lot. Maybe you've even noticed our wine-stained mouths after a Sunday at the wineries.

 Here's how this thing got started. A few years ago, Groupon entered the market. And we bought it...all of it. Hard. In between all the bikini wax vouchers, the restaurants that we would never actually go to in real life, and the boot camp that started at 5 AM that we bought because it was such a good deal and we were feeling soooo motivated...there were wineries. Ohhhh, the wineries! We would drive hours just to use our "free" tasting and suffer through the "free" tour just so we could get to the good stuff: Wine, wine and more wine. 

Somewhere in the Yadkin Valley of North Carolina, we found our true calling in life. And so we made a pact: "Why not go to every winery in North Carolina?" we said.  "It'll be fun," we said. So here we are. 37+ wineries later. It's time we shared our stories with you. The do's and don'ts. The gos and go-nots. The wines and the wine-nots, if you will.

We've acquired some beliefs in our time:

-That wine should never be poured through a spout.
-That chocolate makes everything taste better.
-And that wine should always be sold at a discount.

So in summary, embrace the wine mouth.

NC Winery #1: Stony Knoll Vineyards